IMS services a wide range of government facilities including; water districts, the City of San Diego, and military bases.  Our expert team of buyers will provide your company with help and advice regarding your recycling needs.  We offer a variety of boxes, tilt hoppers, drums and roll off bins in order to fit your facility’s needs.  Our dispatch efficiently coordinates the pickup of materials typically within 24 to 48 hours of your call.  IMS offers Certificates of Destruction for proprietary products when necessary, and Certificates of Recycling.  We comply with all regulations enacted by the State of CA, the FDA and the Federal Government.  Most importantly we accurately sort your materials using certified scales and pay top global market prices.  We offer a variety of payment options and reports if needed.  If you have multiple locations we can organize it all and consolidate or segregate all your reporting and/or payments.

IMS understands that your focus is maintaining your facility.  The scrap recycling is your least priority until you have a problem.  Well, scrap is our top priority and we aim to give you everything you need to keep your focus on your priorities.  We provide your company with exceptional service, sorting, accurate weights, prompt payments and if needed reports and/or needed certification.  We can also keep multiple locations organized for you with accurate reporting from each location or as an entirety.

We recycle: aluminum, copper, brass, insulated wire, stainless steel, steel,high temperature alloy including; titanium, nickel and cobalt based alloys, precious metals, cardboard, paper, plastic and our sister company IMS Electronics Recycling can handle all types of electronics to keep you compliant with California State Regulations.