The CP Global family of companies is dedicated to creating a cleaner, more sustainable Earth. Our companies specialize in many facets of the recycling industry, including: manufacturing sort systems, recycling operations, electronics recycling, metal fabrication, metal sale, and scrap collection.

By continually working with one another, our companies and brands maintain a synergy that allows CP Global to work more efficiently toward a cleaner future.




As leaders in the recycling industry, we are committed providing the public with ample opportunities to recycle their goods in order to ensure less waste going to landfills.


IMS Recycling Services is a franchised curbside recycler that represents the operational arm of CP Global. Since 1954, IMS Recycling Services has served the San Diego community as a scrap metal dealer and recycling buyback center. Today, IMS Recycling processes curbside recycling for the city of San Diego and continues to buy and sell scrap metal.


IMS Electronics Recycling brings a specialty in e-waste disposal to CP Global, providing risk management and full environmental certified compliance standards for electronics disposal and recycling. Founded in 1999, IMSE has grown to occupy 4 locations across the United States and promotes state of the art processing complete with large scale shredders, production level de-manufacturing, electronic data destruction services, and ITAD capabilities for all electronics, including computers, telephone systems, and universal waste such as CRT’s.



CP Group is a team of manufacturers and leaders of innovation in the waste and recycling industry. CP Group—comprised of CP Manufacturing, Krause Manufacturing, MSS, Inc., and Advanced MRF—provides a variety of sort solutions worldwide, including MRF manufacturing, retrofits, audits, consulting, and engineering services. Custom turn-key systems are designed, installed, and serviced by CP Group for residential recycling, commercial and industrial, municipal solid waste, engineered fuel, construction and demolition, and electronic waste processing.



Handy Metal Mart, located in San Diego, California, provides new and secondary metals, as well as metal fabrication services. Additionally, Handy Metal Mart works closely with IMS Recycling, offering services to buy back scrap metal after a job is done.